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Mac Command Line Clearing

Note, these commands work on a MAC using the Terminal program. I haven’t tested these anywhere else.

OH MY GOODNESS! I wish I had learned these commands a long time ago. As I begin to do more with long commands, particulary operations style tasks with programs like Kubernetes, I find myself more and more wanting to clear the command line. I already knew about reverse search, but what I didn’t know was how to clear a command if I didn’t find the one I wanted in reverse search. If you don’t know what revese search is, go google for it now. ctrl+R is a wonderful command and everyone who uses a command line should know it. As for clearning long lines, I found this great post on StackOverflow.

For my own sake of easy reference later, I’m reposting the commands I’ve found most useful here:

Ctrl+C: Exits any current command

Ctrl+U: Clears from cursor back to the beginning of the line

Ctrl+K: Clears from cursor to the end of the line

Ctrl+A: Takes the cursor to the beginning of a line

Ctrl+E: Takes the cursor to the end of the line

Ctrl+W: Remove words, backwards from cursor location

Ctrl+XX: Toggle cursor location between beginning of line and current position

Ctrl+Y: Recall a deleted line

And finally, Ctrl+L: Clears entire terminal window, but leaves any currently typed command in place.

If you read this far, I hope you learned something new!

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